This wall reacts to the wind from the atmosphere outside and transforms them into natural waves.By just letting yourself go in its billowing waves, it naturally facilitates the thought process, providing a calm space to contemplate.


The Value of Doing Nothing

Pastime, advertising, news, chat and schedules:
these are all accessed through our smart phones.
We live in an age where all of our important information
will be increasingly delivered through these devices.

Soon your mind will not have any room to think.
The Breathing Wall effectively provides you the serenity
to allow your thoughts to surface among the clutter of stimuli.

Unconscious thought is convenient in that it requires no effort.
However, it is exactly that quality which makes it an unreliable
source to call upon when truly needed.

We can't predict when that lightning bolt will strike.
And to allow abstract thought, to stumble upon unexpected insights or to come to a resolute decision、 one must have a clear mind.


An appliance that creates
random waves.

The unregulated wave patterns, without purpose or meaning, set your mind free.

These thought flicker like a campfire or a warm hearth. We humans have always been drawn to the sway of the flame, but can never quite capture it.

Thus, we created The Breathing Wall.

No matter what room, it ripples with the outside breeze.

The space breathes like a changing facial expression and creates a sanctuary for the mind.

Tou is a home appliance that provides not the intentionally staged thought process,but actually frees our unconscious thoughts to roam.


In order to allow for construction, each unit is 770 x 770 x 70(mm). Individual panels can be hung like a painting, stacked like in a pillar, or spread out like wallpaper.

1 unit size

H770 / W770 / D70 (mm)


FrontSpecial material using metal
Back64 electromagnets

※At the moment, a random wind movement program is being used while movements generated by monitoring real wind are under development.
※Patent pending from Panasonic)

Open Creation

Use Case

We provide fluctuation to the space filled with digital matters.

Office / High floor & underground floor of building / Hospital / Space station

To be further explored:
  • new surface materials and smoother movement
  • outdoor wind sensor improvement
  • prototype exhibition
  • Project Leader
    Takashi Ando (Panasonic)
  • Creative Director
    Mitsuyo Demura (Konel)
  • Creative Technologist
    Kenji Jones (Konel)
  • Material Specialist
    Tadatoshi Nakanishi (Panasonic)